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What is an Eyelash Bar? Why You Want to Find One This Fall!

As the cool air rushes into the Charleston area, people are flocking to the bars to get a glimpse of the football games that occupy our weekends. If you want to make a real fall splash, consider frequenting a bar of your own – an eyelash bar in Charleston, SC. What is an eyelash bar? It is a catchy phrase for eyelash extensions! Here is all that you need to know before you hit the bars!

What are Eyelash Bars?

Okay, not to confuse you, but eyelash bars and eyelash extensions are the same things – just different terminology. In the past, women could use fake eyelashes for special occasions or a night out, but they were temporary and had to adhere to the day you wanted your eyes to shine. Extensions are not a permanent solution, but they are a semi-permanent one that will make you look fabulous without effort for up to four to six weeks.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a collection of fibers that are designed to look like your natural eyelashes, which are placed using permanent adhesive. Once they are attached, they give you a fuller look and lengthened look that helps your eyes stand out for all the beauty that they possess. Lash extensions are usually made of synthetic silk, synthetic mink, or actual mink. Although the natural mink might look the most authentic, they tend not to hold up as long as the synthetic alternatives. On the other hand, the synthetic mink and silk can be a bit heavier and thicker.

What is the Process for Eyelash Extensions?

The key part of your eyelash extensions is finding the best size and shape to complement your natural assets. A licensed eyelash professional will choose the right fit, and all you have to do is lie back and relax. First, you will have protective eye pads placed over the lower portion of your lashes. Next, the eyelash extension is dipped in an adhesive and then placed on top of your natural lashes.

What to Look for in the Eyelash Extension Salon You Choose

The quality of your eyelash extension procedure depends on the professional you choose to administer it. Since your eyes are so important, finding a licensed salon is critical. Not only should the professional who does the eyelash extension have the formal training, but you also want to make sure that the salon is clean and has the proper licensing to operate. At Lash Crush, we only employ the highest-skilled people in the industry and it shows in our customer satisfaction!

Although commonly referred to as “eyelash extensions,” the treatment can also be called eyelash bars. They are the best way to highlight your eyes in a semi-permanent way. Come into our eyelash bar Charleston salon today and walk out a newer and more beautiful version of yourself – we guarantee you will love your new look, and so will everyone else. Contact Lash Crush to schedule your appointment today!