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What Are Henna Eyebrows and Are They For You?

The popularity of henna eyebrows continues to grow, so you might be asking what they are and whether they are a good fit for you. This guide can help you decide! Henna brows are a semi-permanent way to make your eyebrows “pop” with more fullness and definition, while appearing completely natural and with no effort on your part.

What are Henna Brows and How Do They Differ From Eyebrow Tint?

Henna eyebrows are the newest and most popular alternative to coloring or tinting your eyebrows. Traditional eyebrow tints and dyes are made from chemicals, but henna ones are plant-based products with only natural ingredients like henna. Henna is a flowering plant that has been used for centuries to color everything from fingernails to hair. Most henna products contain no ammonia or lead, are vegan, and don’t need chemicals to activate like tints do. All you need is warm water, which means that is both a completely safe and eco-friendly way to achieve a healthier eyebrow look.

Other Benefits of Using Henna Over Tints and Dyes

Another benefit that henna eyebrows provide is that they aren’t like chemical-based dyes that dry out your hair and skin. They coat the brow and lock moisture in to promote new eyebrow hair growth instead of stunting it. And they don’t just act like a dye coloring your eyebrows – they are more like a brow “filler” that lasts for as many as six to eight weeks.

How Long Do Henna Brows Last?

Old eyebrows tints with dyes lasted a very short while, typically only about four weeks. Henna eyebrows last closer to six to eight weeks. However, it also depends on the client’s skin type. If you have an oily complexion or if you live in a humid region like Charleston, then it might not last as long.

Does Henna Cover Grays and Coarse Hair?

Yes, henna eyebrows cover up both coarse hairs and grays. Also, the procedure only takes about 30 minutes. Most importantly, it is safe for everyone. No matter why you want or need thicker and fuller eyebrows, it is an excellent procedure for young to older and everyone in between. It is also non-invasive and non-permanent. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to conduct a patch test for about 24 hours just to make sure that you won’t have a skin reaction.

Are Henna Brows for You?

If you are lacking the full and thick eyebrow look that is back in style, fear not! Henna brows can return your eyebrows to their original youthful look. And if you weren’t both with fuller eyebrows to begin with, no one needs to know. At Lash Crush, we have the best henna eyebrow procedure in the Charleston area. Our team of trained and highly skilled salon professionals is ready and waiting to give you the eyebrows you crave. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.