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Back to School – Brand-New You? 4 Reasons to Make Your Appointment for Lash Extensions

It is hard to believe that fall is already in the air and back to school is upon us. If you are ready to start classes, give yourself a break by saving time in the morning. Lash extensions are a great way to be a whole new you this year. They help you save time in the morning by not having to go through your entire makeup routine. It is a new year, so why not be a new you by showing off your doe eyes and making a big splash in the halls and around campus? These are just four reasons to find a lash extension Charleston, SC company, to make your appointment.

Save Time

It is going to be hard enough to get back into the swing of getting up and out the door early. The summer was long and so were your nights, so give yourself a break and shorten your morning routine so that you can hit the snooze button a couple of times. Not only will you roll out of bed looking like you already put your face on; you won’t have to waste time the night before removing it. That gives you more time for much-needed beauty sleep!

Save Money

When done professionally, lash extensions can last for weeks, which can save you money. You won’t need to replenish your supply of mascara, other eye makeup accessories, or false eyelashes. You also won’t be spending money on makeup remover, which can really start to add up. Not only do eyelash extensions make you look fabulous; they are fabulous on your monthly budget.


The biggest advantage of having lash extensions is the freedom to get up and go. You’ve got enough on your plate with studying and making it to class. Your lashes will look fuller without any hassles. Also, you can go au naturel during working out, swimming, or engaging in any other activity, without worrying about your makeup running or having to go without it. After 24 hours, you won’t have to worry about makeup or the status of your eyelash’s appearance anymore.

Build Your Confidence

You don’t have to shy away or hide behind a lot of makeup. When you have your eyelash extensions on, you can have confidence knowing that you always look good, whether you applied other makeup or not. When you have lash extensions, you don’t have to worry about overdoing it with mascara or any clumps – you just let your natural eyelash beauty shine.

As we head back to school, things are about to get serious. Take one thing off your stressful plate by making an appointment with a lash extension, Charleston, SC salon, like Lash Crush. This year is a great time to be a whole new you without the cost, hassle, or fuss! Roll out of bed and look like you spent hours putting yourself together. That way, all you have to do is focus on your classes! Contact Lash Crush to make your appointment today!