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What on Earth a Mega Volume Lash Extension Is and Why Knowing Matters!

When it comes to improving your looks with very little effort or cost, lash extensions are definitely the way to go. Lash extensions work by enhancing what nature already gave you, making you look more beautiful. Mega volume lash extensions are lash extensions on steroids! They take it just one step further to give you the fuller, lusher, longer look you have been looking for. Here’s how mega volume lash extensions in Charleston differ from regular lash extensions.

What are Mega Volume Lash Extensions?

“Mega volume lash extensions” might seem like just another catchphrase, but it isn’t. Mega volume is an advanced and innovative type of lash volume that uses thinner and lighter extensions that look more natural while adding more volume to your lash look. Mega lash volume uses as many as 16 extensions to create a fuller volume when compared to traditional lash extensions.

What is the Difference Between Russian and Mega Volume Lashes?

Another type of lash extension is the Russian lash extension. It involves using an ultra-thick lash line that is more stark and impactful. American lash extensions use 6 more extensions, which is about 10 fewer than mega lash extensions. They look similar to Russian lash extensions, but they are usually longer. All three types of lash extensions come with their own advantages and preferences.

Which Type of Lash Extension is Right for You?

The type of lash extension that is right for you depends on the look you want to achieve. Russian lashes tend to provide a fuller look; American lash extensions are longer; and mega volume provides a denser look. But regardless of the type you choose, the quality of the salon that you go to definitely matters. Find a salon that offers many different types to suit your overall style. That way, you are guaranteed to get the best lash extensions, no matter what!

How Long Will Your Mega Lash Extension Last?

Whether you choose the American lash extension, the Russian lash version, or go for the full mega lash extension, they all last about two to three weeks before they need a pick-me-up. If you opt for the mega volume lash extensions, you might be able to push it to three weeks without worry, but it really depends on your cycle of individual lash growth and how quickly you naturally shed your lashes.

Whether You Want Mega Lash Extensions, Russian Lash Extensions, or American Lash Extensions, Lash Crush is Your Go-To

Whether you want the mega lash extension, the Russian last extension, or the American lash extension, Lash Crush is your one-stop shop for all things lash-related. We have the perfect noninvasive option to give you lush, high-volume, and natural-looking lashes to get you noticed. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!