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Don’t Just Google “Eyelash Extension Near Me” – Five Reasons to Choose Lash Crush

If you are looking to enhance your appearance noninvasively and inexpensively, an eyelash extension can make your eyes shine and help you stand out. But not all salons are the same, and the quality of your results really does depend on who you choose! Don’t just Google “eyelash extensions near me” and choose at random! Your eyes are too important to leave it up to chance. Here are five reasons to choose Lash Crush and schedule your appointment with us today!


We aren’t like other salons who do a little bit of everything. When you try to do too much, then you fail to focus on being the best at one or two things! At Lash Crush, our focus is in our name. We are experienced and trained in just about all things eyelash-related. We aren’t just good at eyelash extensions; we can laminate them and tame them all at once. We are not just a one-stop eyelash shop; we are the best eyelash shop in Charleston!


Part of doing it right is having the appropriate training and certifications! At Lash Crush, all of our experts have been fully trained and have the certifications necessary to ensure that you are getting the best quality possible. We have been doing this for a very long time, and we take the time to update, believe in continuing education, and work to always better ourselves so that we can provide a better service for you!


We understand that when working with eyes, cleanliness is a must – especially now in the age of COVID. Our salon is always in impeccable condition, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to provide the safest procedures and treatments possible. Above all, we value your safety and it shows in the great care we take from start to finish!

Quality of Products!

One of the biggest concerns when choosing your eyelash salon is the quality and medical grade of its products. Your eyes are critically important, and anything that goes near them should be effective and 100% safe. We don’t skimp on any of the ingredients that we use on our clients. Our mission is not only to offer the best technicians in the industry, but also the safest and most effective products. And it shows in our ratings and reviews!

Ratings and Reviews

When all is said and done, all you have to go by is the experience that your clients have. There is a reason that our customers speak so highly of us. All you have to do is sift through our many reviews to know that we care greatly about everyone who walks through the Lash Crush doors.

If you are looking for a quick fix to make your eyes pop and enhance your natural beauty, then eyelash extensions are a great noninvasive way to make you look amazing. With something as important as your eyes, it is always a good idea to go one step further than Googling “eyelash extensions near me.” Go the extra mile to make an appointment with Lash Crush today.