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School’s Back in Session: What Are the Eyelash Trends for the Fall?

As we head back to schools and universities around the nation, many women are updating their style. Along with what people are wearing, eyelashes for the fall have taken a dramatic turn. If you are wondering how much eyelash extensions in Charleston, SC can really change from one season to the next, you might be surprised. Whether you are going to go with the fox eye, wet look, or mega-volume lashes, you have many options to choose from.

Brown Lashes

Traditionally, when you think about eyelash extensions, you think of jet-black lashes. This year, however, brown appears to be in. When you get your eyelash extensions, don’t just go for the same old same old – consider jazzing it up by finding a better-suited brown hue so that you can do you! Of course, if black is your preference, go for it, but there are many textures and shades to choose from there as well.

Colored Lashes

If you want to go a little wilder, try colored lashes when you want to show up on the first day with a wow look or are gearing up for a festive fall. With Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s coming up, too, why not take your lashes to a whole new sparkly level for the holiday season ahead? From bright red to green, you can choose every color in between.

Just the Tips

If you want something in-between, then a fade isn’t just a hairstyle. Whether you want to start with brown or black lashes, you can lighten the tips with another color. It will give a little bit of “wow” without the whole shock factor. For kids who are still in school, it might go over with the administration a little better than going for that full-on wow factor!

Cat Eyelash Extensions

Cat eyelash extensions are a new twist on the cat’s eye liner which has become a staple in the fashion and beauty industry. The “kitten liner” first made a splash thanks to fans of Zendaya, who is all about the stripped-down natural beauty look. Instead of the wing fan, it offers a more subtle and discreet look with a sexy appeal. The lashes might be slightly shorter in length but they move to longer extensions as they near the outer edges of the eye. It gives you a doe-eye look that is the hottest trend for the fall season.

Mega-Volume Lashes

Mega-volume lashes are just what the name implies: they take your volume to a completely new level. If you want to be striking on your first day – or any day – then mega-volume lash extensions will make a bold statement!

As we head into fall, things are changing quickly in the fashion and beauty world. Eyelash extensions have definitely gained in popularity over the past few years; they are all the rage for the new 80s throwback season to come. Whether you want to color it up, pump it up, or go with the traditional black look, your lashes will look amazing throughout the fall and winter seasons. Our holidays tend to fill up fast, so make sure that you schedule your appointment for eyelash extensions in Charleston today!