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Be Holiday Party-Ready With Lash Extensions!

It is hard to believe that the holiday season is already upon us. The good news is that after nearly two years of social distancing, people are returning again to gather with loved ones. If you are like most of us, you might have let a couple of things lax during the pandemic. What better way to give yourself a gift this holiday season than with lash extensions. Show up to your holiday festivities looking better than ever, without hassle!

What are Lash Extensions?

If you were not born with beautiful, long lashes, fear not, you can get the natural look of lush lashes that you crave. Lash extensions are synthetic semi-permanent lashes that are applied over the regular lashes that give you a denser, and lush, look. Unlike fake eyelashes, they are semi-permanent, so you don’t have to apply them daily. And they are safe and non-toxic, so you get the best of all worlds. Imagine having the extended and dark look that mascara gives you every morning when you wake – you will be ready to go from moment one.

Do They Look Natural?

Unlike other false lashes that can look bulky or artificial, eyelash extensions are completely natural-looking. They give you the fullness you crave, and no one will ever know that you weren’t born with them. Eyelash extensions are not a one-size-fits-all procedure, they are specifically designed to enhance what you already have, so no one will even know.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Take?

It is the busiest time of year, so if you are worried that you simply don’t have time to add one more thing to your already growing to-do list, relax. The procedure can sometimes take from one to two hours. But there is no participation on your part. You can sit, back, and relax while thinking about what to get the loved ones on your holiday list. It is a time to pamper you and find some peace and quiet amid the chaos.

How Much Do They Cost?

Around the holidays, people’s budgets can start to dwindle, but eyelash extensions will not break the bank. Starter lashes can cost as low as $120, but they will last the holiday season and make you look great. So it is an investment into yourself. You do so much for everyone else all year long, why not treat yourself to a great Christmas gift to enhance your beauty?!

How Long Will They Last?

A typical eyelashes extension procedure will last upwards of six weeks because they go with the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes. If you care for them properly and maintain them with a touch-up every two to three weeks, you can keep them viable much longer.

Caring for Your Lash Extensions

Post-procedure, try to avoid water for the first twenty-four hours or more so the glue has a chance to fully cure. Going forward, be kind to your lashes by avoiding curling them, not applying mascara, and avoiding rubbing your eyes. Also, don’t use oil-based cleansers and products. You can apply a little bit of mascara to the ends of your lashes for a more dramatic effect, but if done correctly, you won’t need to or want to.

The holidays are here and finally, the world is allowed to celebrate with holiday parties and gatherings. Be ready to walk into your holiday parties with confidence by treating yourself to an eyelash extension this Christmas. At Lash Crush, we will make your eyes as bright as the holiday lights, set up your appointment today!