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Eyelash Dye – Why it is a Must for New Year, New You!

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that watching 2020 pass by will be a welcomed fair well. And all that we can hope for in the new year is a whole lot less stress. One way to reduce your stress level is to take something off of your daily to-do list. If you are constantly using mascara to make your eyes pop, stop! Eyelash dye is a quick, easy, and inexpensive fix that will have you saying goodbye to eye makeup in 2021.

What is Eyelash Dye?

Eyelash dye, sometimes called “eyelash tint,” is a process where dye is applied to your eyelashes to help give them a fuller and darker look. It is an excellent and lasting alternative to applying mascara daily. And it is also super inexpensive and takes only about ten minutes. Once more, it is completely safe and pain-free! Not only can you put your mascara away, it is a great alternative to eyelash extensions and false eyelashes.

Is Eyelash Dye Safe?

Eyelash dye is completely safe when applied by a trained professional. The key is to find a salon like Lash Crush, that uses only the highest-quality tints and products. Since the eye is a very fragile part of the body, more so than eyebrows, finding the right professional is supercritical.

What is the Eyelash Dye Made From?

Eyelash dye differs from regular hair dye, and it should be made from vegetable dye to ensure that it is completely safe when applied to your eyes. If you have any conditions of the eye or infection, it is best not to use eyelash dye until it has subsided. Applying dye to an infection might make it worse. If you are worried about any eye condition that you have, it is always best to ask your physician before making an appointment.

Will the Application of it Hurt?

Some people might experience mild discomfort with eyelash dye. But flushing the eye appropriately with saline should help with any irritation you might have. People who have extremely sensitive eyes or skin problems might want to avoid eyelash dyes, but it is completely safe for contact wearers.

How Long Does Eyelash Dye Last?

Eyelash dye results typically last anywhere from three to six weeks, depending on how you care for your eyes. If you are cognizant about not touching your eyes frequently, or over washing, then you can extend the time that the dye will last. Also, avoid makeup removers and anti-oil cleansers. Or if you are going to use them, try to avoid any contact with your eyelashes.

Is it Worth the Money?

If you are someone who has super light eyelashes, eyelash dye can improve the look of your eyes pretty significantly. And even if you have darker eyelashes, the dye will make them appear fuller and more “lush”. If you choose a reputable salon, like Lash Crush, and take good care of your lashes post-dye, it is totally worth it!

This new year commit to making things less stressful than they were in 2020! Consider stopping into Lash Crush today to schedule your eyelash dye appointment and say goodbye to daily mascara for good! Contact us for more details.