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What is a Lash Lift?

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With the hot and steamy Charleston weather comes sweaty conditions. Nothing can be more uncomfortable than wearing makeup that streaks when the weather conditions heat up. If you are ready to ditch your daily mascara, then a lash lift might be just the thing you have been looking for. Imagine hitting the beach for a day of fun and sun with the benefits of mascara, but without having to apply any… But, how does a lash lift differ from a lash tint, and is it right for you? These are the facts to help you decide from top lash lift Charleston, SC experts!

What is a Lash Lift?

Remember when perms were all the rage? A lash lift is the same concept applied to your eyelashes. A lash lift differs from lash extensions because they change the color and shape of your natural lashes. For most people, lashes don’t grow outwards, they grow up. But growing up makes lashes appear more luscious. A last list helps to boost and lift each lash before they are tinted to give them a much darker, thicker, and extended appearance.

How Does it Work?

A lash lift is not painful at all. The first step involves silicone pads that are placed on your closed eyelids. We then lift your lashes and apply a serum that works by breaking down your natural protein. Once the serum is applied, your lashes mold to a shell that helps them take on a different shape. Next, we apply a keratin serum which helps to soften and condition your lashes. Then, the tint is brushed on and a pure keratin coat is a final phase to help provide a layer of protein to further condition and strengthen your lashes to complete the process.

How Long do the Results Last?

If done properly, not only will a lash lift not damage your natural lashes, the effects will last anywhere from six to eight weeks. But it does require that you maintain them properly. During the first 48 hours, you must avoid any water, lotion, or mascara. Then, after the initial 48 hours, brush your lashes every morning and evening and apply a lash serum that contains coconut oil. Although you shouldn’t need to, you can apply mascara over your lashes, making sure not to use a waterproof product, which can lead to broken lashes.

As summer heats up, it is becoming increasingly irritating to wear makeup daily. The good news is that with a lash lift, you can ditch your mascara and still have the beautiful long and luscious lashes you crave. At Lash Crush, we have an abundance of options to keep your lashes looking fuller, thicker, and more beautiful day after day without any effort on your part.

Contact us for your lash lift Charleston, SC appointment today, and hit the beach with confidence.