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The Five Reasons you Should Commit to Quitting Sunbathing for 2021

As we roll into a new year, most people have already made their New Year’s Resolutions to change something about themselves for the better. If you want to make a significant change that takes very little willpower but will make a real difference for your future, then committing to quitting sunbathing and tanning salons in Charleston, SC is an excellent way to be a healthier new you in the New Year ahead.

Sunbathing is one of those things that feels so good, but is oh so bad. And the good news is that if you do quit baking in the sun, there are healthier alternatives like spray tanning that are not only safe, they are beneficial.

1. Premature Aging

Getting old is no fun at all. And all of those things that we don’t think about when we are younger, can really come back to haunt us. When you are young and have beautiful skin, you think that it is endless, but unfortunately, as time goes on, your skin won’t always look as supple as it once did, especially if you don’t care for it properly. UV rays from the sun can lead to premature wrinkles and skin damage that might not show today, or even tomorrow, but they will accumulate over the years and make you look older before your time!

2. Spray Tanning is Healthy

Spray tanning offers many benefits for your skin. Our specially formulated tanning sprays come with all natural skin conditioners like Muscadine Grape Seeds, wine extract, green tea and hyaluronic acid. They all help to make your skin glow and look not just tan, but beautiful on the inside and the out. And as the winter drones on, it also has a moisturizing effect that can counteract the dry winter heat.

3. Less Risk of Getting Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is one of the most prevalent and deadly types of skin cancer in the US. Every time that you expose your skin to the sun, you cause damage to the outer layers of the epidermis. Over time, that damage can start to accumulate and lead to melanoma, a type of skin cancer. So, by staying out of the sun and choosing spray tanning instead, you are doing yourself a huge favor by reducing your risk!

4. Uneven Tanning

Sure, you can get into a tanning bed without anything on. But as anyone who has ever tried it knows, there are parts of the body that don’t like it much when they are exposed to the sun. If you want a more even tan, without lines, and no burnt butt, then choose a spray tan over sunbathing. That way you can show off your birthday suit without having any suit lines.

5. Who Has the Time?

There was undoubtedly a time when sunbathing all day was totally doable. With your busy schedule, who has time to hit the beach and layout for hours slowly darkening? With a spray tan, you are in and out the door in about 30 minutes and you look like you had a wonderful day in the sun. Don’t sit idly waiting for the sun to do what a spray tan can in less time and without damage!

With the New Year upon us, now is an excellent time to commit to a healthier you for 2021. One of the best ways to save yourself and your skin from damage is to opt out of using tanning salons in Charleston, SC and instead make an appointment at Lash Crush today to get a healthy glow without harm today!