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What to Look for Before Scheduling Your Eyelash Extension Appointment

Although an eyelash extension is not a new procedure, it continues to grow in popularity. For those of us who weren’t born with long lashes, the extensions allow us to go makeup-free without embarrassment! But the results do depend on the eyelash salon that you choose. Googling “eyelash extension near me” and choosing randomly is not the answer. These are things to look for before you make your appointment.

Proven Track Record

Where once you had to just go by what friends and family had to recommend, the internet has allowed us all to get a gauge of how well a business is meeting the expectations of its customers. Before you schedule any cosmetic procedure, it is a good idea to read online reviews and ratings to see what others have to say. Someone who had an excellent experience will most likely be willing to share; those who didn’t might be nice enough to do the same.

Credentials are Everything

Salons are guided by a certain standard of cleanliness and credentials. The biggest thing to look for before scheduling your eyelash appointment is licenses, training, and experience. Choose the salon with the best credibility and training to ensure that you won’t be someone else’s trial and error – or worse, all error.

Responsiveness Matters

Eyelash extensions are usually not a one-size-fits-all thing; they have to be custom designed according to the individual and their preferences. If you feel like someone is trying to rush you in and out, then that means they aren’t being responsive to what you want personally. Make sure that your technicians are willing to take the time to listen to your questions, concerns, and requests to get the exact look you want.

Thoroughly Check the Environment

You want to find a well-oiled salon, meaning one that has its flow together. Not only do you want to see that a salon is clean and hygienic, but you also want to find one that is ready to go so your technician isn’t searching mid-procedure to find what you need. If you see any signs that things are haphazard, that’s a red flag to move along and find another establishment.

Eyelash extensions are not a new cosmetic procedure, but thanks to modern technology and innovation, they have come a long way to look more natural than ever. The quality of the salon you choose will highly affect the quality of your extensions.

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