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What is Eyebrow Lamination and is It Right for You?

If you haven’t heard about the eyebrow lamination procedure, you might be missing the boat to dramatically improve the appearance of your eyebrows. It is a relatively new treatment that is intended to create the effect of smooth and shiny eyebrows. Another term that is commonly used is “eyebrow perm,” and it is an excellent and non-invasive solution for unruly or thinning eyebrows. The process is similar to microblading, which uses microscopic needles to color the skin and give a full appearance, but it may come with fewer adverse effects. So which is right for you, eyebrow lamination or microblading?

The Benefits of Eyebrow Lamination

Over time, your brows begin to look less full and can start to thin, which can give you an aged look. Eyebrow lamination is an excellent way to fill in the gaps and create a more lush and even look. If you are tired of using daily gels to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows, eyebrow lamination is a semi-permanent cure that takes the hassle out of your daily routine.

The Eye Lamination Procedure

The reason that eyebrow lamination is sometimes called an “eyebrow perm” is that the process is similar to a hair perm. The procedure is fairly simple, takes only about an hour to perform, and you walk out of the salon looking years younger.

  • First, a cream is applied to your eyebrows that is meant to “lift” the hair to stand up
  • Then, the provider brushes your eyebrows up so that all hairs face in the same direction
  • Next, a neutralizer is applied that works to hold your brow in place
  • Lastly, nourishing oil is applied to reduce any irritation and dryness that the chemicals might cause

Following the eyebrow lamination, you will want to apply nourishing cream liberally to prevent any drying out.

Why Eyebrow Lamination?

There are many benefits to eyebrow lamination, especially for those who are experiencing thinning eyebrow hair. For some people, waxing for long periods might lead to gaps in your eyebrows, making them look unruly or sparse. And as you get older, your hairs tend to become wirier and uneven. An eyebrow lamination is a perfect and immediate cure.

Side Effects and Risks

Although side effects are rare and the procedure is much less invasive than microblading, there are potential adverse effects for people with sensitive skin. The chemicals have been known to cause swelling, itching, bumps, peeling, and redness. And although the adverse effects are typically only above the eyebrow, there are occasions when it might affect your eyelids. To avoid any other risks and side effects, it is recommended that you wait at least six weeks between treatments.

How Long Does an Eyebrow Lamination Last?

The effects of an eyebrow lamination are only temporary, lasting just a few months. The better you take care of them by preventing drying out, the longer the procedure’s effects will last.

An eyebrow lamination is intended to give results similar to microblading, but is less invasive and comes with fewer risks and side effects. Your eyebrows will have a full and lush look for a few months, and the treatment can be repeated every six weeks as needed. At Lash Crush, we have a team of professionals who are highly trained and ready to give you the eyebrows of your dreams. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.