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Hyaluronic Pen Lip Fillers – What are They and are They for me?

If you weren’t born with naturally full lips, there is a way to enhance the look of your lips without pain or needles. Hyaluronic pen lip fillers may sound invasive and painful, but they are just the opposite. Although called “injections,” a hyaluronic acid pen lip filler works without a needle, and they are one of the newest and most advanced methods of plumping up your lips to add volume. They also work to give your skin a firmer look without the risks that are associated with true needle injections.

How Do They Work?

Hyaluronic acid pen lip fillers are an excellent way to fill in the wrinkles and fine lines of your lip’s creases caused by sun damage or aging. It uses high-pressure technology that transfers hyaluronic acid beneath the skin’s surface using nano-scale molecules. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally made by the body, therefore, it causes no risk of allergic reaction. For those who are scared of needles, or worry about the invasiveness of them, a hyaluronic acid pen is a perfect and viable alternative.

Simple, Safe, and Effective!

At Lash Crush, we use hyaluronic acid pen injections to enhance lips and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles around them. Hyaluronic acid is a natural sugar produced in the body that attracts water to help make your skin look more hydrated and firm, which can aid in restoring your skin’s natural youthful appearance. As you get older, the body produces less hyaluronic acid, which can lead to dull and flat lips. The hyaluronic acid pen injections are designed to replenish the amount that you have and turn back the hands of time.

The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Pen Injections

The process of hyaluronic acid pen injections is similar to real injections, only there is no downtime or bruising as you can get with other treatments. The benefits of using hyaluronic acid pen injections are:
● Creates volume
● Skin hydration
● Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
● Stimulates collagen growth
● Gives skin a more supple and plump appearance

How Long do Hyaluronic Acid Pen Injections Last?

When done appropriately, hyaluronic acid pen lip fillers can last anywhere from four to six months depending on different factors like treatment area, lifestyle, hydration levels, and metabolism. So longevity can vary from one person, and one treatment area, to the next.

Are Hyaluronic Acid Pen Injections Right for me?

If you desire the look of plumper lips or more supple skin without pain and all-natural, then yes, hyaluronic acid pen lip fillers are for you. Unlike other treatments that you can use to get fuller volumed lips, the injections require no downtime and there are very few, if any, risks to use. At Lash Crush, we deliver the safest and most professional hyaluronic acid pen lip fillers in the industry. If you are ready to have fuller lips, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, and all without pain or recovery time, then hyaluronic acid pen injections are for you. Make your appointment for hyaluronic acid pen injections today at our salon and see all that it can do for you.