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Fuller Lashes Are In, But They Still Need to Be Tamed! Eyebrow Lamination Is A Must!

As we head quickly into spring – and soon enough summer – the look for the season ahead is lusher than years past, especially when it comes to eyebrows. While for those of us with bushier eyebrows, that means a lot less grooming, that does not mean that you can go tameless. An eyebrow lamination is a must which starts with eyebrow waxing in Mount Pleasant, SC. ! But the quality of the salon you choose does matter. Look for these qualities to know that you will walk out ready to take on the fashion world!

Nearly Pain-Free Procedures

We all laugh at those movies where a man gets his chest hairs ripped out in angst, but there is nothing funny about an eyebrow wax that leaves you in pain and burned! Make sure that the eyebrow professional that you choose knows what they are doing and has the proper training to do the right prep work to reduce the risk that you will walk out still feeling the sting. There is truly an art to eyebrow waxing, so make sure that you hire the right artist!

Products Used

Any time that you have a cosmetic procedure done, you want to ensure that you are using the safest and most non-toxic products possible. Choose a salon with the best products on the market, both to do the best job and to be the healthiest alternative. It isn’t just about the wax used; there are things that the salon can use both pre- and post-eyebrow waxing to help refresh, renew, and reduce the risk of puffy and red results. And we also offer the best eyebrow lamination products in the industry post-waxing!

Trend-Setting and Fashionable is an Individual Thing…

Eyebrows are eyebrows, right? Well, not exactly! When it comes to trends and trendsetting, eyebrows change from season to season. Over the past couple of years, eyebrow shapes have gone from thin to very lush. Only a waxing salon that stays abreast of changes and trends can keep up with the times and know how to give you a fashionable look. It sometimes takes a fine balance to give someone an eyebrow wax that fits with the style of the time and the shape of your face; at Lash Crush, we do both! We then use eyebrow lamination to give you the “total” look you crave!

Artists Through and Through

Above all, we are eyebrow artists. Whether it is an eyebrow lamination, henna eyebrows, or eyelash extensions, we make sure to offer you the services that are guaranteed to get you noticed and look your best – not just for the spring, but all year long!

As we head into spring and summer, eyebrows have once again gone to the lush side. Thin is not in at the moment, so make sure that you make the right choice for eyebrow waxing in Mt. Pleasant, SC to make you as trend-ready as you want to be. All of our eyebrow wax professionals are just that – professional – but we don’t stop there. We also make sure that we are always on-trend and take into account how we can make you look your best, trendy or not. Schedule your appointment and be ready to hit the summer fashion scene lusher and looking better than ever!