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Freshen Up For Spring With Henna Eyebrows

As we head into spring, there is a renewed sense of hope that things will return to normal and we will once again start to enjoy being out and about and attending spring festivals and activities. Over the past two years, most of us decided that spending the money on appearances wasn’t really that necessary. After all, there were not really any “appearances” to make. But as we look forward to fun again, now is the perfect time to spruce yourself up. One of the quickest and least expensive ways to give yourself a lift is to make an appointment for henna eyebrows in Charleston, SC. Here is what you need to know.

What are Henna Eyebrows?

When it comes to eyebrows, just like everything else, fads come and go. Where once thin and plucked eyebrows were desirable, everything old is new again. After all of those years of plucking and waxing, some women are longing for the days when they had lush and full eyebrows that they didn’t want at the time. Henna eyebrows are a way to gain back the youthful appearance you once had. And if you never had lush brows, it is a way to get them for the first time.

What is Henna?

Henna is a coloring stain that has been around for centuries and used for cosmetic enhancement. Today it is the main component in many makeup products, body art materials, hair dyes, and other things where semi-permanent dying is the mission. When applied to the eyebrow area, it gives your eyebrows a more “full” and enhanced appearance.

What is the Henna Brow Process?

The first step to henna brows is similar to waxing and other types of eyebrow tinting. First, you have to fully clean the eyebrow region and remove all dirt and oil to ensure that it is ready for henna application. Next, a professional will measure and determine with you what shape looks best and what your preferences are.

A paste is then applied to define the edges of the henna eyebrows and then the henna is applied. The henna then has to sit for about 15-20 minutes until it gives your brows a full effect. Once the dye has time to set, your eyebrows are then tweezed or waxed to further define their shape.

What are the Advantages of Henna Eyebrows?

Henna eyebrows make your eyes “pop” and are great for women or men who have over-plucked their brows over the years. Henna differs from other dye alternatives because it is gentler to the skin, so it’s an excellent product for those who have allergic reactions to dyes and chemicals. The tint typically lasts for 2 to 10 days and it hides gray and white hairs that can often make you look older.

Are Henna Eyebrows Right for You?

If you are looking to achieve the full eyebrow look that you once had – or were never able to – then henna brows are an incredible fix. Where once thin was in, the return to bushy is back, so before you step back out into society for the post-pandemic return, make sure to give yourself a little pick-me-up by making your appointment with Lash Crush today!