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TIPS! Everything you Need to Know About Brazilian Wax

Full body waxing

Whether you are just considering if a Brazilian wax is right for you, you’ve already made an appointment to hit the aesthetician’s table, or you just want to know what a Brazilian wax is all about, there are a few things that everyone needs to know about a Brazilian wax Charleston, SC appointment! Before you let it rip, it is a good idea to know what the process is and what to expect. If you follow these steps, things should go smoothly, no pun intended!

Before Your Brazilian Wax

Do Your Research

Before you just Google Brazilian wax Charleston, SC, and chose the first one on the list, it is important to know what type of a reputation an aesthetician has. Do your research by first reading reviews to know what previous clients are saying. The last thing you want to do is walk into a studio that isn’t in top shape. Although things like wearing gloves and no double dipping are state rules (dipping the wax spatula into the same wax that was used on previous clients), it is a good idea to ensure that the salon you choose goes by the rules, all the time, every time. You shouldn’t have to request things like a fresh pot. It should be a must!

The Best Way to Prep is not to Prep

The best prep is no prep, to get the best results from your Brazilian wax. Two to three weeks before your appointment, let your hair grow naturally and stop shaving it. If you don’t have enough hair for the wax to take hold, then there won’t be any leverage to remove the hair follicles. So even if you are a clean-freak, you have to let it go, Elsa!

Obviously, Show up Clean!

You wouldn’t show up to the dentist without brushing your teeth, so be just as kind to your aesthetician. Although they often offer pre-procedure wipes, they are in no way a substitute for a good old fashioned shower. Also, try to schedule your appointment around your cycle so that you don’t have it during your period. Some Brazilian wax centers won’t allow you to have a wax during your period, but even if they do, it is a sensitive time of the month. And it might make it a bit more uncomfortable.

Exfoliating is Encouraged

Plan to exfoliate a couple of days before you have your Brazilian wax to remove trapped hairs and dead skin cells. Although it isn’t mandatory, it will help to ensure that you don’t have a ton of strays left after the waxing is done.


Communication is key

Before you even have a bit of wax spread, make sure to communicate your preferences to the aesthetician. Many women who have the procedure done want their hair fully removed around the labia, butt, and bikini line with trimming and front grooming. But you can also ask for a complete sweep. The style you want is up to you. And if you need a little help choosing, ask what the options are so that you get exactly what you came for.

It Will Hurt, but not too Much

Yes, it is going to hurt, but think of it as “good pain”. The good news is that most people overestimate how much the procedure is going to hurt. But the bad news is that they psyche themselves out before even getting there. Depending on your pain tolerance, it might be nothing more than a little uncomfortable. Try to take deep breaths in between rips and have a focal distraction point. If you need time to regroup, you can always ask for a quick break in between.

You Don’t Have to be Flexible

Although you might have to help out by lifting a bit, you don’t have to be super flexible for the aesthetician to get to the spots needed. Some centers allow you to get on all fours, but if that is not something you are comfortable with, speak up. There are many ways to get the job done.


The more relaxed you can be, the better. The aesthetician is not there to be judge and jury and has pretty much seen it all! So try not to be self-conscious; it makes it more stressful!


Wear Loose Clothing

Post-procedure try to keep it loose by wearing things that won’t cause friction and can lead to irritation and bumps. Now is the time to wear your comfy pants for a while.

The Two-Day Rule

For two days post-procedure things are going to be a bit sensitive, and it is also going to be the time where if you have irritation or even a possible infection, it is likely to surface. During the two days, avoid things that will cause irritation like saltwater, UV rays, chlorine, sex, and lotions and cleansers that contain alpha or beta hydroxy acids.

Be Soothing

If irritation does arise, use hydrocortisone to calm things down. Warm oatmeal baths are also encouraged to take the edge off.

Maintain it Properly

Use a gentle exfoliator to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. Also, use lotions that contain jojoba oil and exfoliating glycolic acid. But keep it on the outs, they are for external use only.

Having your first Brazilian wax can be well, overwhelming. But if you follow these quick tips, breathe, and try to relax, it really is no big deal. And remember, there is a price for beauty! If you are ready for the best Brazilian wax Charleston, SC has to offer, then contact Lash Crush to schedule your appointment today.

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