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Summers Here – Turn Those Pasty White Legs Golden Bronze with Spray Tan in Mt. Pleasant SC!

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We’ve all been there. It is the first hot day of spring and jeans aren’t even an option. But who wants to show off their pasty white legs in public? If you want to start the season off right, don’t go for the get the burn out of the way method. Take those pasty whites to Lash Crush, the premier spray tan salon in Mount Pleasant, SC, and turn them to bronze and beautiful. Spray tanning has many advantages over the real sun’s rays, but only if it is done right. Here are a few reasons why spraying it on, versus burning, is the way to go!

UV Rays Cause Skin Cancer

Okay, not to be Captain Obvious, but science tells us that UV rays, over time, can lead to things like premature aging and skin cancer. Although we all want to protect the face, skin cancer precautions are about the entire body, head to toe. A good spray tan can mimic the healthy glow of summer – and be healthy at the same time. You are not only stopping the aging effect; you are keeping yourself healthy for years to come.

No Burn Involved

Even if it were not about skin cancer, can we talk about the horrible feeling of a sunburn? So you have two options, you can sunscreen it up, which might be attractive to your pretty face – but not so much for the rest of you. Or, you can choose to get a base tan. In the past, the only way to build a good tan was through the initial burn layer process. The good news is that you don’t have to suffer through the burn/tan cycle when spray tan is available. You can knock off like three weeks worth of sun exposure in just one sitting.

It Looks Just as Natural

Have you ever seen someone’s tan lines when they don’t sit correctly or they have straps while in the sun… not attractive at all! With a spray tan, you get a more even look throughout. So be it your legs, shoulders, or your behind, everything looks uniform. There is no need to worry about tan lines or whether you put sunscreen in all the right places. You can sunscreen it up whenever you go outdoors and you still look bronze tanned and beautiful when you hit the beach.

It Costs the Same or Less Than Over-the-Counter Lotions and Creams

Sure, you can try the over-the-counter lotions and creams, but they don’t do a very good job. The lotions that you get from the pharmacy simply don’t work the same way or provide you the same evenness and realistic sun-kissed beauty. And the worst part about choosing to get your tan in a bottle or lotion is that you are going to end up not only spending just as much time but also taking the time to apply and let it soak in over days to weeks. Who has time for that? Summer weather is upon us, it is time to suit up and get noticed!

Summer might have snuck up on us in South Carolina, but the good news is that you still have time to turn those pasty white legs to bronze Goddess (or God). A spray tan is an excellent way to get the healthy skin glow that you desire without fear of cancer or premature aging. And also to do so for a fraction of time and cost than you would with over the counter dyes.

Make your appointment with Lash Crush today and show off those beauties in time for bikini weather. Make an appointment with the premiere spray tan salon in Mt. Pleasant, SC today!