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Five Reasons Spray Tans are Better Than Sunbathing

It is super alluring to look outside at the sunshine and not grab a suit and sun it up. That’s why for many people living in the Charleston area, the last thing on their to-do list is to schedule a spray tan Mt. Pleasant appointment. But as any doctor will tell you, sun exposure isn’t a good way to go. Spray tanning is a much healthier and safer alternative to sitting out in the sun to get that bronze look. So before you hit the beach, spray up and save yourself from the harmful effects of UV-rays for these five reasons.

1. The Aging Effects of the Sun

That bronzed, sun-kissed glow that you desire from sitting out with a bikini is really a display of how the sunlight damages your skin. Over time, prolonged sunbathing can lead to wrinkly, rough, and blotchy pigmentations that are permanent. Skin that has also sustained sun damage can become more brittle and more easily bruised.

2. Risk of Skin Cancer

Long-term sun exposure can lead to an increased risk of skin cancer. So not only will sunbathing result in increased aging of the skin, it can make you more susceptible to getting skin cancer. Currently, melanoma is the leading cancer in the US. Just having five or more episodes of sunburn can double your risk of developing it.

3. Say Goodbye to an Uneven Tan

There is nothing attractive about an uneven tan. When you sunbathe, there is no way to get the even look that won’t show tan lines in the wrong places. The sun doesn’t tan your skin evenly, but a spray tan will. Forget about flipping over on your stomach to bath your back in the sun; you won’t ever get it right. Instead, make a spray tan Mt. Pleasant appointment and look flawless.

4. There is No Stress Involved

When you lay in the sun, you know somewhere in the back of your head two things – you aren’t getting all of your body places evenly and it isn’t healthy. When you lather yourself in sunscreen you don’t have to worry about either of them. A spray tan will ease your stress and allow you to just have a day of fun in the sun, completely stress-free.

5. It Has Added Skin Benefits

The spray tan formula that we use at Lash Crush is not only non-toxic; it is completely eco-friendly and healthy for your skin. Our spray tan ingredients are made from Muscadine Grape Seeds, skin, juice, and stems. It is then blended with grape seed oil and wine extract. It also contains green tea, Panthenol, Hyaluronic Acid, and contains no alcohol or Paraben. So you get a lot of skin health benefits without any sun exposure effects.
Sure, the sun is free, but like most things that appear to be free on the surface, sun exposure can be very costly. So instead of hitting the beach and worrying about tan lines, make a spray tan Mt. Pleasant appointment and enjoy a stress-free day of fun in the sun, while saving your skin from premature aging.

Schedule your spray tan appointment for a perfect bronze tan at Lash Crush today.