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Don’t Lose Your Summer Glow – 4 Reasons to Switch to Spray Tanning

Although the summer, at times, was hot and brutal, it is still hard to say goodbye to sunshine and bathing suits. If it took you all summer to build the beautiful tan that is making you feel beautiful, why let it end now? The good news is that you can have a gorgeous glow all-year-round without damaging your skin or being pale as a ghost for the better half of six months. If you spray tan in Mount Pleasant throughout the long winter months, you can extend your summer forever. These are just four good reasons to switch to spray tanning.

The Holidays are Right Around the Corner

If you let your suntanned skin turn to pale white, you will spend the holidays ghostly. The holidays are a time when you get together with the people you love and spend time socializing. It is also a time when you take photos to remember the good times. Don’t be the one who sticks out by being the palest, be the one in the photo who shines with a healthy glow. If you begin spray tanning now, you will have just the right look when it is time for celebrations and selfies!

Hide Blemishes

One of the reasons that people look so good with a tan is that tanned skin tends to hide blemishes and flaws better than pale, white skin. Since it won’t be as easy to sit out in the sun, not to mention that the sun damages your skin, use a spray tan to cover all of those little imperfections. You don’t have to suffer through wearing a ton of makeup to look better. Show off your natural and best self by having a sun-kissed look.

Boost Your Mood

Fall and winter are common times when people can experience more bouts of being down and blue. By spray tanning, you will look at yourself each day with a happy glow and like what is looking back at you. Tanned skin just makes you feel happier and healthier. And it is nice to know that you got all of that confidence without any damaging sun. Lighten your mood year-round by keeping yourself looking your best.

It’s Good for Your Skin

At Lash Crush, our spray tans aren’t just about achieving a natural glow, they are formulated with skin additives that are meant to enhance the health and wellness of your skin. When the heat is switching on constantly to keep you warm through the fall and winter months, our spray tan lotions will help to minimize dry skin and keep it looking freshly-tanned, bright, and glowing. So it isn’t just about what a spray tan does for your outside; it is how it benefits your mind and body.

Sure, you will soon have to put your bathing suit away and say goodbye to summer for a while, but that doesn’t mean you have to say hello to a paler version of you. If you start spray tanning in Mount Pleasant now, you can make it through the fall, the holidays, and all the way to next summer, looking as beautiful and suntanned as ever.

Schedule your spray tan Mount Pleasant appointment today and keep your skin looking sun-kissed all year long.