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Get Beach-Ready With a Brazilian Wax

Full body waxing

Women have additional angst when it comes to bikini weather. Not only do we stress about how we fit into our bikini, we worry about the bikini line! Shaving is one way to take care of the area, but as anyone who has ever shaved down there knows, it can sometimes come with embarrassing bumps and other unsightly after effects. A Brazilian wax Charleston-style might sound intimidating to some, but it shouldn’t. It is an excellent way to landscape your intimate areas, and also to keep them smooth for longer than shaving.

Brazilian wax has gotten a bad rap as being super painful, but the truth is that it isn’t that bad! If you know what to expect, avoid certain things before your appointment, and speak up when necessary, it can actually be an excellent alternative to shaving with very little punishment.

What is a Brazilian Wax?

Although commonly thought of as the same, a bikini wax and a Brazilian wax are two different things. The bikini wax goes along the bikini line only, and the Brazilian wax leaves you entirely bare down there. It removes hair from all of your private parts and those hard to reach places. But the choice to leave a triangle or a “landing strip” is up to you.

Is it Painful?

Well, I’m not going to lie. Anytime you pull hair follicles from the skin there is going to be a discomfort! But the good news is that once you begin waxing that area, it will become less sensitive. The more you do it, the more desensitized your private areas will become. The first time is the worst, but if you can suck it up and stick to it, it will not be painful at all.

What is Better: Strip or hot wax?

The way that strip wax works is by adhering to your skin and hair. When it is ripped off, so is the skin that it is stuck to. That is why it is a much more painful solution to your hair problem. When you use strip wax, there is more of a likelihood of swelling, irritation, and redness. Hot wax only sticks to the hair itself, so it is a much less punishing way to wax!

How can you Prep for Your Brazilian Wax?

The best advice for prepping before your Brazilian wax, is not to prep at all. You will need to stop shaving a week or two before the procedure to give enough hair growth for the hot wax to adhere to. And once it is done, you will have to let it regrow to do it again.

Can you Have it Done During Your Period?

Although some salons will allow you to have your Brazilian wax while on your period, that is when you will have increased blood circulation to your private areas. And when there is an increase in blood flow, there is an increase in sensitivity and pain. So the simple answer is, “no,” don’t schedule it during your period.

How Long Does a Brazilian wax Last?

Typically your wax will last for about four weeks before the hair begins to regrow. But it can be different for every person. It is important, however, to allow for your hair to grow about the length of a piece of rice before you go in to have it redone again.

A Brazilian wax is an excellent way to make those unsightly private areas less unsightly. And if you follow these simple tips, know what to expect, and stick with it, it becomes easier with each appointment.

To get your body bikini hair-free ready, contact the professionals of Lash Crush today to schedule your Brazilian wax Charleston appointment today.

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