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6 Reasons you Should Only Get Professional Waxing

Full body waxing

Shaving is not only time consuming, it can be highly irritating and lead to those unsightly bumps. If you are ready to try a new approach to hair removal that lasts longer, looks better, and is a much better solution to daily shaving, then it might be time to give waxing Mt. Pleasant, SC a try. But beware, doing it yourself might be a huge mistake! If you want to get beautiful results, without pain, or have a mishap that can be really embarrassing, consult a professional. There are many reasons not to try it at home, but these are the top six.

More Effective Than at-Home Hair Removal Treatments

Professional salons have the highest quality ingredients. That means you are less likely to have a bad reaction. And it also means that you get it right the first time, every time. As anyone who has waxed themselves knows, there is no second shot without torture. If you don’t get it right the first time, the chances are good you will have to live with it until it all grows out.

It Lasts Longer

Professional salons have wax treatments that not only look better, they last longer. Most salon-grade products contain anti-growth inhibitors. So instead of having to wax weekly, if you have it professionally done with the right products, you can be hair-free for a much longer time.

Less Pain!

There is no denying that waxing can be painful, and even more so if you do it yourself. Things like not having the right temperature for waxing or caustic products can lead to pain when you are waxing. And sometimes that discomfort can last for a long time afterward. When it comes to waxing, no pain, no gain is not a good motto! A professional can minimize the discomfort of waxing, so you barely feel it.

Get Those Hard to Reach Places

Although there are things that you can do in life, sometimes you shouldn’t. Waxing involves getting to those hard to reach places. And if you can’t even see them, then how do you know if you got the job done? A professional esthetician has a better perspective and angle to make sure that things are clean and hair-free.

Who Wants to Clean up or set up?

Wax is not easy to clean up or to handle. If you spill it, it can do a whole lot of damage. And waiting for it to heat to the right temperature and getting waxing strips all ready, well it is just a pain! The good news is you don’t have to worry about either setting up or cleaning up. And you never have to worry about trying to get wax out of your vanity top because you had an accident!

How Many Things do you do Just for you?

Waxing doesn’t have to be something that you suffer through. When you hire a professional, set up an appointment, and look forward to letting someone do the work, all you have to do is show up and admire the results. You do so very few things for yourself, let waxing to a beautiful body, be one of them.

Although there are things you can do in life, that doesn’t always mean you should. When it comes to waxing, why make yourself miserable setting up, stressing over getting it right, and then cleaning up afterwards when you don’t have to? Let the professionals of Lash Crush take care of your unsightly hair, so all you have to do is sit back, breathe, and enjoy. Contact us to schedule your waxing Mt. Pleasant, SC appointment today.

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