6 Expert Tips on Waxing Everyone Should Read Before Their Next Appointment


With summer in full swing, it is short-short and bikini time. For most women, that means it is time to shave things up. But that might have you wondering what the best way to shave those sensitive areas is. Although a good razor can often do the trick, it can leave behind those unsightly bumps. Not only does waxing offer a cleaner look, it is also a more lasting one. That means less of a hassle for you and a much better-finished result. Waxing Charleston, SC might be a better alternative to a standard shave, but only if you follow these 6 expert tips.

1. Things to do Before Your Procedure

Before you decide that waxing is for you, make sure that you know what the wax will contain. If you have any skin sensitivities, you will definitely want to check with your dermatologist to see which types of artificial ingredients and fragrances you should avoid. If you aren’t sure if your skin will react, then have a small test of an area with the wax before going all out. And then wait 24 hours to see if it is safe for your skin.

2. Tell Your Aesthetician Everything

If you do have any sensitivities or allergies that you already know of, make sure to tell your aesthetician everything. If you let them know before the procedure begins and there is something that they think might cause irritation or an allergic reaction, they have time to let you know. That way, you can make an informed choice about whether to continue. Also, try to schedule your appointment around your menstrual cycle when you are most sensitive. That can help to decrease discomfort.

3. Prep Before

Before your appointment, it is a good idea to exfoliate the area to ensure that dead skin and any loose hairs don’t get in the way. A clean slate is the best way to get the best results possible. But do not shave two to three weeks before your appointment. If you do, then there won’t be enough of the hair follicle for the wax to adhere to. And once you have had it done, it is okay to pull a few stray hairs for a couple of days afterward. But you do have to let it grow out to have it redone.

4. There Will Be Some Discomfort

A lot of women avoid waxing because they think it is going to be super painful. The truth is that, yes, it is painful, but it is a good kind of pain. If you avoid triggers like your period, caffeine before the appointment, and alcohol the day before, then things won’t be as bad as you think. Caffeine increases blood circulation, which can lead to increased pain. Also, avoid taking aspirin, which will also make things a whole lot more sensitive.

5. Choose Wax Wisely

There are many different types of wax to choose from; some are hard and some are soft. The type of wax that the aesthetician should choose will depend on the hair that is being removed. Hard wax is typically used for the face area and soft wax for the larger body areas like a Brazilian wax. Having the right kind is sort of a big deal.

6. Choose a Salon

It is possible to wax at home with a do-it-yourself kit, but just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Waxing is a lot harder than it looks, and especially hard when you are waxing your own hair. An aesthetician is not only a trained professional, they have a keen eye and perspective that you won’t when doing it yourself. Also, an aesthetician can get to those areas that you might not be able to reach.

If you are ready to try waxing…smart choice! For the little discomfort that it might come with, the payoffs are huge. If you follow these tips, things will not only be as smooth as possible, they will go as smoothly as possible.

The experts at Lash Crush are here to help remove all that unwanted hair to make you summer-beautiful! Contact us today to have the best waxing Charleston, SC experience possible!

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